School of dragons for children

Do you think that How to Train Your Dragon is one of the best animated movies of all time? Additionally, would you like to get a chance to train your own pet dragon? If the answer is yes, there is no doubt that you should check out school of dragons as soon as you can.

This MMORPG title is based on the HTTYD franchise and, as you probably guess, lets you raise a dragon and become a Dragon Master. You may think that it’s not a very challenging task, but you will soon realize that you are mistaken. There are many things that you are supposed to do with your dragon, as well as with other characters from the HTTYD movies.

The best thing about this game is that it lets you take many quests and finish them with other players. The rewards are great and will constantly keep you coming back for more. And if you like to make better progress try this BigEasyphones Team.

Top eleven hack and cheats

Top eleven hack and cheats

Top eleven hack enable you to better customize and train your very own football team while maintaining finances, advertising, and all other matters involved in managing a football team!  Of course, during game-play, it’s your job to make deals with sponsors as well as to make sure ticket sales are going well. When your sales are not going well, your sponsors will not continue deals and as a result, you will lose money as well as tokens.

Top eleven

You can replace lost money and tokens when you, as the football team’s manger, make a damaging error in judgement concerning your team with Top Eleven Football Manger cheats.  Even worse is that if you are ever banned for any reason, you will lose all the valuable ground you have made during game-play.  Top eleven hack can remedy this situation!

You can obtain Top eleven hack online.  If you choose to download any hack tools, be careful to make sure the software is safe by virus-scanning it first.  Virus scanning software can be downloaded for free online through a variety of sources.

Top eleven hack

Alternatively, you may be required to complete a survey and answer some easy questions or watch an advertisement to get free access to certain online cheats that don’t require you to download anything to your mobile phone or device.  Cheats save time and money!  Cheats are available for Android and iOS (Apple) mobile devices and can be easily found on various informational gaming websites!

Top eleven hack

So what guys now? Do you have any 100% tested tool? Or you want to show off your team, let us know – post your comment today and we will pick up some of you and maybe there will be next article about your success in this game, which is becoming more and more popular around the world.

Are there any good games for your Mac?

Hello guys, today I will write a few words about mac gaming and where to get games if there are any. So the main question is: Are there any good games for Mac? Good news is that there are! Finally the developers started to make also ports for Mac OS. To be specific Mac OS X. To avoid confusion let me tell you my configuration of iMac: 27-inch iMac with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD (normal, just 7200rpm, not the fusion drive or SSD), 3.2GHz i5 processor and 1G GeForce GT 755M. So the basic configuration of 27-inch iMac.


So where to start digging for the Mac OS compatible games? Good source to start is, which supports lot of Mac OS games, currently 406 games, which will run natively, means that you do not need any windows emulation. There are variety of games starting from the few bucks, mainly older, but the portfolio is getting bigger each week. So you can start with your good old games for the beginning. I have Fallout, Theme Hospital, Alpha Centauri and many more from there.


If you are looking for the newer games, that the good choice might be the Origin from EA.  There are 26 base games, 20 DLC, 12 expansion packs and 5 bundles including Sims, Sim City, Dragon Age, Batman: Arkham Asylum or the latest Bioshock.

The next online distribution to check out is of the Blizzard and get the Starcraft 2. In the time of the writing of this article there are having big technical issues with login, so you might not be so lucky there as I am not able to download anything from there. But this should be solved within few days I think. Also Diablo III is available there. I should not forget the World of Warcraft. So we can say that Blizzard is Mac friendly.

If you do not want to search it by yourself, you can visit this shop:, but I must say I have never shopped there, so feel free to let us comment, so we know if we can approve this store for Mac users. They offer the wide range of the latest games for Mac like Borderlands 2, Hitman, Sid Meyer’s Civilization: Beyond the Earth or Call of Duty. So it seems to be worth the try.

The last, but not the least is the Steam! Don’t miss the Orange box for example, which includes the Half Life 2 together with Episode 1 and 2, Team fortress (which is free) and the Portal. Also the Counter Strike is the mandatory choice. I bought it together for 14 usd some days ago. They have a lot of famous games now available to be played on Mac OS.


In any case the ending of this post and its conclusion is that there are lot of games for Mac OS X and the situation from the few years ago is gone and if you are thinking about buying Mac and you are afraid of no games, you can sleep well as this is not the case. And do not forget that the Mac can be altered to be dual boot, means that you can install Windows onto it (running Intel), so if there is anything not available for you Mac, this is the solution.